15 May 2011


It's not a secret: I love to bake. Most people who like to cook or bake have a person whose cooking/baking they admire. For some, it's Julia Childs. For others, it's Martha Stewart. For me, it's my grandma.

I was thinking about her a lot yesterday because I made my first banana cream pie. Grandma was a master at any kind of pie she tackled, and I think she was looking out for me yesterday. The pie looked beautiful and tasted pretty good, too. Thanks, Grandma.

10 May 2011

A New Era

We've welcomed two new members to our family. Nope, we haven't lost our minds and adopted two dogs, two cats, or even two goldfish. We are definitely not having twins...at least not right now. We ordered his and hers Kindles.

In this post-student life, I think there is a lot of pleasure reading in my future. Increased reading speed is one of the best results of law school, so I like reading a lot more than I did before I went back to school. George has always been a book worm and a fast reader, so his Kindle is already getting a ton of use.

As if the Kindles weren't good enough, we had to find covers to protect our gadgets. George was terribly practical, while I had a cute cover made by downstairsDesigns. Isn't it beautiful?