30 May 2008

First Glimpse of Anchorage

I arrived in Anchorage just a few hours ago. My flight was uneventful, but check out the pictures I took from my window seat. I took the first one not long after taking off. I'm guessing those are the Canadian Rockies poking through the clouds.

The second one is the approach to Anchorage: mountains as far as the eye can see and lots of mudflats.
I'm not overly impressed by our apartment, but I don't know what I expected. After staring at my room for a half hour and wondering why in the world I left our beautiful house for this, I've decided that I'll either overcome my cleaning obsession or I'll clean the heck out of this place. Any bets?

I'm off to get my UAA student ID and get settled.

27 May 2008

A Weekend to Remember

I met some of my best friends while studying in Sevilla, Spain five years ago. This weekend, we attempted to pull off a reunion. Unfortunately, Anna, Dagny, Casey, Jill, and Christy were tied up with other things. Julia got called away to work at the last moment, and Juli missed her flight. Nonetheless, Lindsay, Jessica, and I had a fantastic weekend!!

On Friday, Lindsay and I walked an overcast Alki beach and enjoyed a relaxing pint while Jessica was at work. Then, we all bonded over homemade lasagna and the Grey's Anatomy season finale.

Saturday started with cafe con leche and photography on Queen Anne. The weather could not have been better! In fact, it felt a lot like spring in Sevilla. Then, we headed to a very crowded Pike Place Market for produce and fresh salmon (for Sunday's dinner). All though it was crowded beyond belief, all the vendors were extremely friendly. After a brief rest, we enjoyed a relaxed dinner at my favorite wine cafe, Purple, followed by drinks at a few local bars. There's nothing quite like a night out with the girls!

After such a busy Saturday, we relaxed most of Sunday in front of the TV (a marathon of America's Next Top Model to be exact). Just before dusk, we headed to a few of Kirkland's waterfront parks for coffee, walking, and chatting. Finally, we wrapped up the night with a dinner of grilled salmon and pavlova.

Yesterday, we took the ferry out to Bainbridge Island for fish and chips, relaxing, and a bit of wandering. (Do you see a trend here?) It was really hard to see Lindsay head back to Tampa, but it was so nice to have enjoyed such a great weekend! I loved every moment of our girls' weekend while getting a chance to introduce George and my girls to each other.

16 May 2008

1/3 a Lawyer

We (George, myself, my fellow 1Ls, and our friends and families) made it!! Yesterday was my last final, so I am officially not a 1L. The first third wasn't so bad, right? At any rate, it's all done. Grades will arrive in mid-June, and my 2L year starts August 25th.

12 May 2008

Happiness is chocolate brown silk.

This afternoon, I took a little break from the books (more accurately, my laptop) to sew some new curtains and pillow shams. I had forgotten just how much I love sewing, creating, and generally being crafty. The chocolate brown silk I bought months ago was so pleasant. Why can't all fabric be this fantastic?