29 March 2009

Wedding Planning

I don't have a lot of wedding news to share, but I thought I'd offer a general wedding update anyway.

So far, wedding planning has taken George and I both by surprise. I think I speak for us both when I say that there is a lot more to it than we expected, but it's not nearly as stressful as we expected. I'm really enjoying the multitude of design/style details that have to be decided. Although I'm trying not to let the smallest thing get blown out of proportion, I do take a certain amount of enjoyment in planning the tiniest detail. On the other hand, I could do without all of the logistical details, particularly thinking about the day.

I was also surprised at my initial discomfort with the role of the bride. It was more difficult than I expected to go from the wannabe bride looking in from the outside to being the bride on whom everything and everyone are focused. By now, I'm definitely comfortable with the role, and now I can see how years of being the bride-to-be could go to one's head.

Our short timeline has made some decisions easy. Take the date as an example. The date of our wedding is the only Saturday all summer when the park, the restaurant, and Denaye (my maid of honor) were all available. That was easy. Take my dress as another example. I went in to try on dresses on a Friday, and the women at the shop told me that, based upon our date, they would have liked to have it ordered the week before...but I should be able to get something in time for the wedding if I chose something within the next week. A girl can only try on so many dresses in a week, so that greatly narrowed my choices and made the decision somewhat easy.

My current battle is keeping myself from taking on too many projects. I love making things, so it is difficult to stop myself once I'm on a roll. It all started with the favors, which I designed and crafted. They're all done, which is both good because it's one less thing to think about and bad because now I think I need more projects. The projects already on my list are sewing sashes for Denaye and I, decorating bobbypins, sewing fabric for the centerpieces, designing and assembling programs, and possibly making a super secret project that would be a surprise for George's mum. I'm trying hard to keep handmade thank you cards from going on that list...but I looove creating!

The moral of the story is that our wedding plans are well under control. Even better, it's giving George and I yet another example of how we work well together and are generally compatible.

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