23 March 2009

Spring Break

Mention spring break, and George will tell you how disappointed he is that, although it was promised to him, he has never seen girls going wild since he moved to the States. My spring break wasn't wild, but I had a great time. Since it's been over a year since I last visited my extended family in Ohio, I went back for the week.

This trip, even more than past ones, made me realize how much I miss my family. I spent most of the week with family - as a big group on Sunday and throughout the week in smaller groups. All through my childhood, our family (Grandma, Grandpa, their kids, and their kids' kids) got together for a meal and a day of family time for each person's birthday, most major holidays, picnics in the summer, and Christmas. They still gather, of course, but I miss out on all the fun. As a result, it's a particular treat for me to get together with that same group (the ones in the area anyway) when I'm back in town. We even added a new face this time as my cousin, Mason, and his wife, Carrie, just brought Grant into this world a few weeks ago. The day we all spent together was perfect for a nice walk and lots of photos.

Throughout the rest of the week, I spent lots of time bonding with my mom - sharing coffee, shopping trips, and generally catching up. I visited my grandparents and borrowed Grandma's pearls for the wedding. After nearly 61 years (in August), she and Grandpa are still the picture of love and devotion. Funny that one of my strongest childhood memories from summer vacations at their house is that of Grandpa tickling Grandma while she scolded him. Meanwhile, one of George's favorite hobbies is watching me squirm while he tickles me and I glare at him.

I also spent a day in Cleveland, where I visited my cousin, Shannon, and her son, Max, and later met up with some fellow Baldwin-Wallace alumni for dinner. With some people, it doesn't matter how much time goes by between visits because we're always able to pick up where we left off last time. I feel blessed to have such precious people in my life!

And now, I have returned to Seattle and the homestretch for the semester. Our trees, bushes, and flowers are starting to bloom, so - despite the lingering frigid temperatures - I have hope that a lovely spring (finals - yikes!) and a very exciting summer are not far away!

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