08 May 2015

Friday I'm in Love

As I desperately try to keep living aloha despite our return to the Pacific Northwest, I'm going to share some things I loved during our time in Maui.

ONE: The Best Shave Ice

We found the best shave ice this trip. Ask George. My husband, the sweettoothless wonder, was raving about it. My waist is glad we found it on our very last evening on the island.

If you're on Maui, you have to track down one of the Ululani locations. You're welcome.

TWO: Peanut butter - Coconut Oil Mix

With Elliott's peanut butter diet (and M's love of PB&J), we knew we'd pick up some peanut butter in Hawaii. I happened upon this fun Earth Balance spread, which is delicious and tastes tropical. Yum.

THREE: California Baby Super Sensitive Sunscreen

I generally love California Baby products, and their super sensitive sunscreen did the trick for our whole family. Ten days of Hawaiian sunshine and not a single burn. (Check out ratings on EWG.)

FOUR: Seabags

I saw Seabags at a couple of shops in Maui, and I am obsessed. So many cute designs. I love the diaper bags with dividers and a zipper top, and the beach bag comes with vents for easy sand removal. Super practical, durable, and great repurposing of used materials! Love!

FIVE: Graduated Back Float

Miss M is pretty good in the water but can't fully swim yet. She doesn't like to be in our arms, but I don't like her to rely on a puddle jumper, which does all the work for her. So, we tried out this graduated back float on our trip, and it was a big success. She can stay above water and needs fewer and fewer of the panels as she gets better, but it did force her to actually swim.

We are gearing up for a sunny and warm weekend in the Seattle area. Can't ask for anything better than that. What are you doing this weekend?

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Janie said...

Great sounding goodies...I will look for the coconut peanut butter spread. Love the totes, as well.