03 May 2013

Divided Basket

In case you haven't seen it yet, this basket is taking the sewing blogging world by storm.

Noodlehead Divided Basket

After staring at this beauty on Pinterest for far longer than I'd like to admit, I finally ponied up $6.50 to purchase the pattern. Boy am I glad that I did! This is my first time following an actual pattern (surprised?), and it was a great introduction to the pattern world because Anna's instructions were extremely detailed, accurate, and thorough. 

The first basket I made turned out a little busier than I would have liked (and a lot busier than I think the  intended recipient would have liked). 


In hind sight, I think I'd love this basket if I'd left off the front pocket because it breaks up the pretty stripe pattern a little too much for my liking. (Yep, that's Ikea Annbeth fabric again.)


No worries. I've given it a good home holding some of Madeleine's blocks.

Undeterred by my poor design choices and armed with the experience of having made one basket, I set out to make another one for the intended recipient. I'm a lot happier with how it turned out. I especially love the dumb luck that allowed the chevron pattern to line up on each side of the divider. 

I'm already planning my next divided baskets, and I have my eye on some clothing patterns to try for Madeleine...maybe. What about you? What great patterns have you used lately?


aaron and misha said...

Love these! I will have to keep them in mind when I finally get the time to get some projects done! Maybe a good project to keep in mind for a future crafternoon.

Janie said...

I'm jealous. They are beautiful. I would LOVE to be a recipient! Great job!

Spike said...

Did I tell you I bought a sewing machine? I would love to try this pattern, do you have any tips or considerations?

(don't worry, I have an advanced sewer who will be making one at the same time, so I hopefully will not be in over my head)


ALKS said...

I'm thrilled to hear about your machine, Sally! This is a great pattern to start with because the instructions cover every little detail. I'd start with thinner fabric because I found home decor fabric a little too think, especially with the fleece. Also, consider getting a walking foot and a 1/4 inch foot for your machine for this and many, many other projects. Happy sewing!