18 March 2014

Nursery Preview

As I previously mentioned, the new nursery has always been designated the future-eventual-next nursery. It was our decorations warehouse until I put things on display around the house and, recently, we emptied the room completely to prepare it for its ultimate purpose.

Here it is in all its yellow glory. See the white stuff at the top of the walls? That is some super cheap baseboard that some previous owner glued around the top of the room to create "crown moulding." 

Even before our wee one was on his way, we hired a contractor to install built-ins on either side of the window, inspired by this Pin, and to remove the "crown moulding" and install the real deal. All the shelves are fully adjustable, and there is a big storage area under the bench under the window. 

Apologies - a quick cellphone snap is all I have of this interim stage.

I knew I wanted gray in the room long before we knew the baby's gender. With the cabinets primed at the factory, the painters had a relatively easy job on their hands. Oh the difference that a couple coats of Benjamin Moore can make! 

Trim/Cabinets/Doors/Crown: Super White (PM-1)

Now that the room is painted, we have a blank slate to decorate and a to-do list ready to tackle, beginning this past weekend: 

  - Replace light trim (we ended up replacing the lights with LEDs...and then changing them back)
  - Install childproof outlet plates
  - Change door hinges
  - Add cabinet door hardware and childproofing for big sister
  - Change closet door handles
  - Possibly add some fun detail to closet walls (inspired by this)
  - Possibly add some fun detail to back of built-ins
  - Add window treatment (black out cellular shade) (ordered)
  - Choose fabric for and make cushion for window seat 
  - Choose baskets for organization in the lower cabinets (maybe these, but hopefully something less expensive)
  - Have crib and dresser delivered (about 8 weeks away)
  - Buy mattress (ordered)
  - Move chair from M's room into nursery
  - Possibly get side table to hold Mum's supplies while nursing
  - Get diaper pails for trash and cloth diapers (ordered)
  - Get laundry basket
  - Move radio into room
  - Make crib sheets
  - Possibly make crib skirt for highest mattress setting
  - Make quilt
  - Make divided basket for diaper supplies 
  - Choose/Make/Hang wall art and place decorations on shelves
  - Make mobile
  - Possibly make bunting
  - Organize closet
  - Make a spot for big sister to hang out (maybe something like this + a basket of books)
  - Buy and install video monitor

I'm not doing a theme per se, but I'm trying to stick to a natural (mostly cool with a few bright colors) color palette with a slight bend toward woodlands (owls, raccoons, woodgrain, etc.). Think earthy blues, greens, grays, dark browns, and the occasional red and orange. My two inspiration pieces are, first, this beautiful print from Children Inspire Design and, secondly, this fun Riley Blake fabric. (Even though it doesn't come through in the photos, the colors are nearly identical.) 

Children Inspire Design: English Alphabet Print

Riley Blake Scenic Main Gray (C3660 Gray)

And, friends, that is all you're going to see of the nursery until I have some projects done and am ready to share them with you, though I will probably update the to-do list to show my progress. 


Janie said...

Wow, what a great start!!!! Looks wonderful!

Heather said...

It looks fantastic! I'm Heather and have a question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!

denayeb said...

Clicking back to that Cushion that you and Misha made...I previously thought it was a pin cushion. Apparently its a bit larger than that?