24 November 2014

Elliott - Three Months Old

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This weekend, we celebrated Elliott's three month birthday: a quarter year on Earth! Elliott is a very happy baby and has started being a lot more generous with his smiles. He does the occasional subtle laugh and lots of chatting. It seems like he went from silent to constant chatter nearly overnight, and now he's using his voice to show both his happiness and when he's bored or tired. Generally, he is incredibly patient as he now spends a fair chunk of his day waiting for us as we help Madeleine use toilets here, there, and everywhere.

He's not yet gripping toys, but he is accurately swatting and kicking at his toys. Elliott spends a lot of time staring at his hands and gets one of them into his mouth a little less than 50-percent of the time. It's obvious when he makes the connection because the sucking noise is profound. He enjoys a moderate amount of tummy time on the floor and lots on my shoulder as it gives him a chance to really look around. He rolls from his belly to back pretty regularly. Elliott has entered the world of distractions and often gets totally mesmerized by the ABC poster and Madeleine's art hanging behind the nursing chair in his nursery.

Elliott gave us a week or more of sleeping 10 to 12 hours through the night and then had a growth spurt. He's still either working through the spurt or regulating my milk supply because he's been up (usually only) once a night for the last week or two and his nursing sessions have doubled in length the last couple days. He seems to be doing better with resettling himself during naps and overnight, though certainly not every time.

Did I mention that Elliott is a growing boy? At three months, he's the same size as Madeleine at six months, and that's pretty consistent with his clothing. This week, he started wearing some 6-12 month clothes. He is already growing out of his 0-6 and 0-12 socks, so he's going to have some big piggies. He has sprouted a little more (seemingly auburn) hair, and his eyes are continuing to play tricks on us, depending on what he's wearing and how the light hits them.

Elliott's biggest fan wanted to help with his photoshoot this time:

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Janie said...

Wow, is he ever growing!!!! He is going to surpass her in no time flat!! What a smile.