24 December 2012

A Pinterest Christmas: Christmas Cards and Wrapping

Welcome to Week Four of A Pinterest Christmas

For the month of December, I'm thrilled to be participating in A Pinterest Christmas with a group of crafty ladies who have been inspired by projects on Pinterest and turned that (p)inspiration into reality.

- - -

Happy Christmas Eve! Are you one of those procrastinators who spends today wrapping all of your loot? If not for having to mail the vast majority of my gifts, I would also be a member of the Christmas Eve wrapping brigade.

This year, I was really inspired by all of the fun wrapping I saw on Pinterest, among them these two:


These little clay tags have so much potential! (Remember when I used them for shower favors?) I decided that I'd pair them with brown craft paper and red/white striped twine for my holiday wrapping this year.

I also found a little (p)inspiration in the Christmas card department. Although we're sending our official cards in the new year, I still wanted to try my hand at these cards to go with the gifts we sent.


I really liked making the stick card, although I can only send it with packages (it won't make it through the postage machine alone) and domestically. The string one was a bit of a disappointment, though, because I couldn't quite get the string to stay taut. Ah, well.

How are you wrapping your packages this Christmas? Did you handmake cards? If you're inspired by my projects, feel free to leave questions in the comments and comment with a link to your projects.

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kpennock said...

Where did you get the brown striped craft paper from? I have been looking for that but been unable to find it.

Keith Pennock
Seattle, WA

ALKS said...

The brown craft paper is actually a wrapping paper sold at Target. I believe it's made to look like craft paper while it's actually a bit thinner and glossier.

Marie Christine said...

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