17 December 2012

A Pinterest Christmas: Christmas Tree Forest

Welcome to Week Three of A Pinterest Christmas

For the month of December, I'm thrilled to be participating in A Pinterest Christmas with a group of crafty ladies who have been inspired by projects on Pinterest and turned that (p)inspiration into reality.

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A wreath is on the door. The tree (or alternative) is decked with ornaments. It's time to show some love to the mantel.

This week's (p)inspiration comes from this series (parts 1, 2, and 3) of Christmas trees made from simple cardboard cones.


I must admit that I used a combination of DIY cones made from used cardboard and $2 cones purchased from the local craft store. It was easy enough to make cones, but the "perfect" purchased ones were a little better for materials where the shape really mattered. Also, I had a really hard time keeping myself from turning any and every material I could think of into a tree. This project really has a million possibilities when you look in your craft cupboard, around the craft store, and through the thrift store.

Without further ado, here are my trees:

One-by-one now...
Felt Loop Tree

I made this little felt guy by cutting 3-inch strips of felt...

...folding the strips in half and hot gluing the long sides together...

...cutting slits along the felt...

...hot gluing the rows in layers on top of each other...

...and finishing the top with a little square of felt.

When you do this, don't cut your slits too high so that the cardboard shows through. Oops.

Kidney Bean Tree

I made this guy by simply hot gluing dry kidney beans to a cone, wiping off the hot glue strings, and spray painting the whole thing cherry red (to give more shine to the beans and color any cardboard showing through).  This is my favorite tree despite it being very time and hot glue consuming.

Bathmat Tree

This one is made by wrapping an old (washed) bathmat around a tree and securing it with hot glue. Just be sure to wrap and glue before cutting. Doh!

Small Garland Tree

Ruffle Tree
This guy was made from repurposing the ties from tie top curtains, which I long ago washed and ruined (doh!). I used almost the same method as the (p)inspiration poster did for her ruffle tree.

Yarn Tree

Sequin Tree

Large Garland Tree

As I said, the bean one was my favorite, if a bit demanding. I think the felt one has a lot of potential...if I just could have practiced a bit more. I loved how simple it was to make the yarn one. The small garland one was the best looking for little effort.

So, what will you turn into a little Christmas tree? Make sure you have lots of hot glue on hand, and feel free to leave questions in the comments. I'd love for you to comment with a link to any projects you make inspired by mine.

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Janie said...

I would have never guessed what some of them were made of until the close ups. Cool, cool, COOL!