02 December 2012

Weekend in Photos (and a lot of words)

It was a pretty busy weekend for us.

Yesterday, we hosted a housewarming party. My heart was completely happy when it was over. So many friends came to wish us well in our new house - friends from when we each first moved here, friends from diving, friends from law school, friends from work, friends from PEPS, and new neighbors. We're out of the way (significantly for many), so it really meant a lot for so many to set aside a Saturday afternoon during holiday party season to come all the way out here to celebrate with us.

Today, Madeleine and two of her PEPS friends took their dads to the pool at the gym where many of us have memberships. Apparently the dads with their babies were a big hit in the pool - surprise, surprise. I'm just glad they're so involved and excited about spending time with their kiddos. Meanwhile, I stayed home (alone - for the first time since Madeleine's birth!) and did some holiday gift sewing. This afternoon, we spent some more time hanging out with Madeleine's friends and their parents as they helped us eat leftovers and drink leftover beer. Hard job.

As the memories mount up, our house is definitely feeling more and more like home.

Because it was a busy weekend, I didn't get a chance to take too many photos. This is also where I tell you that this is the last weekend in photos post...for 2012 and maybe beyond. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be running a special series of posts on Mondays. I haven't yet decided whether I want to do regular weekend updates in the new year, run them as occasional special posts, or do away with them all together. Stay tuned.

And now for Madeleine...

On Friday night, I put her down with her head to the left. This is how I found her on Saturday morning.

Bathing suit. Check. Swim cover up. Check. Yoga pants. Check

Not a care in the world...

Madeleine's a little forward.

How did you spend your first weekend of December? What's happening in the week ahead?

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